Thursday, October 2, 2008

ANTM: It's Not So Hard to Say Good-bye

Season after season the formula has pretty much been the same. When it's a contestant's time to go, the episode focuses on that girl who will ultimately be in the bottom two at the end. So, I naturally thought either Joslyn or Marjorie would be on the chopping block.

Low and behold! I think the producers have decided not to make it so easy for us.

Despite Marjorie's continued awkwardness and Joslyn's alleged decline, Clark was the girl that got sent home. Personally, Marjorie's whining was so annoying, I was hoping she'd get the axe. She does take a nice picture, though.

I definitely agreed with the judges that Clark seemed much more interested in showing off her legs than she did with taking a decent photo. All in all, she won't be missed.

I also agreed that Samantha's tidal wave photo was the best, and I love her haircut.

So, what did you think? Is Joslyn's performance slipping? Is Marjorie really insecure, or is it a ploy for sympathy? Should Clark have been eliminated? Why isn't Sheena's picture in the Model Portfolio on the CW site?

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