Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Hills: Has Audrina Moved On?

I want to be Brody's best friend. None of my current BFFs have private planes in which to fly me to Cabo. What am I doing wrong?

Anyway, during their getaway, Audrina and Justin have an awkward time. Apparently, Justin is upset that Audrina is dating. Audrina is upset that Justin's not her boyfriend. I understand all too well, so I'm siding with Audrina, and quoting a line from one of Beyonce's latest tunes, "If you liked it, you should have put a ring on it."

The Pratt's continued to be dysfunctional as ever. Stephanie has a boyfriend, and Heidi suggests the two couples double date. Bad idea. Stephanie and her boyfriend show up late -- 40 minutes to be exact -- and Spencer decides to retaliate by ruining everyone's evening. He's rude to his sister's date, and he suggests that Stephanie and Doug may still be seeing one another.

With family like that, who needs enemies? He didn't apologize, but why would he? He never does.

So, what do you think? Will Audrina and Justin reconcile, or is it over? Will Stephanie stop trying to be friends to her brother? Will Lauren ruin another friendship by offering too much man advice? Will Audrina ever get her scrunchie back?

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Nancy J. said...

Audrina is so full of it. She doesn't know how to be loved (or even liked) the right way. I don't think she is happy with a man unless there is a lot of drama, which means she will never like anyone other than Justin.

Audrina really seems to be weak. I thought Lauren was a nut case when it comes to boys, but Audrina takes the cake.

Earth to Audrina: Leave that Justin BOY alone!