Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Hills: Spencer vs. Lauren ... Who Will Heidi Choose?

So, we could have predicted that Holly's appearance would stir up old feelings for best friends Heidi and Lauren. Holly is definitely pressing the issue, and hoping to reconcile the girls, but Lauren makes it pretty clear that Heidi's not the issue ... Spencer is.

I was a little shocked to hear Lauren put it so bluntly. It was almost like a ultimatum; however, I can see where she's coming from considering how Spencer has treated her in the past, and how he bad-mouthed her. Who wants any more of that?

I don't think anyone expects Heidi to choose ANYONE over Spencer, so I doubt a resolution is in the near future.

I'm glad Audrina's going out on dates. I think she can do better than JB.

What do you think?

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