Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Housewives of ATL: Ghetto Fabulousness

Loved it. Loved it. That was the most entertaining and authentic demonstration of ghetto fabulousness I've seen since "Being Bobby Brown."

The series premiere of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" was better than I expected. I will be tuning in next week to find out if Sheree and NeNe are going to come to blows. LOL. It seems the two had some beef from before the show aired, but Sheree invited NeNe to her birthday party -- a social event -- to bury the hatchet, sort of speak.

Instead, the hatchet got buried in NeNe's back. She was obviously excited about the party and reconciling with Sheree, but after getting prepped and primped, NeNe found herself dissed! Her name was not on the guest list, and she was not allowed into the party.

How awful!

To make things worse, Sheree didn't even come out to speak to her humiliated friend. NeNe left in a hurry, and it's obvious this feud is not over.

The most sensible, and therefore my favorite, housewife seems to be Lisa. She's happily married and seems very comfortable with herself. We'll see, though. At this point, it's too early to pledge allegiance to any character.

So, did you watch the premiere? What did you think? Will you be tuning in? Did Sheree purposely leave NeNe off the list, or was it an oversight? Will the ladies be able to patch things up? Am I the only woman not getting her makeup airbrushed on each morning?


Kia said...

LOL! I saw the sneak peak that they had pimping and running for a while and I KNEW it was going to be GHETTO HEAVEN ... all that MONEY $$$, WEAVE and MAKE-UP in one room- Watch out!

I think there are so many primping techiques for the rich, air brushing is the TIP of the iceberg... Ever wonder why you never see crusty elbows or knees on our African American celebs ????
Airbrushing in effect!

I would love to get my face.. shucks whole body airbrushed for that matter!

I will definately be tuning in next week. Its definately entertainment!

Nancy J. said...

I can't believe I missed the premeire episode!

I'll have to catch an encore presentation. Just from the previews, this season of The Real Housewives looks like a good one.

Anonymous said...

ok so last night i enjoyed every min of the show...i will break the characters down later as the show goes on

my absolute fav right now is nene, she keeps it real so to speak lol!

is anyone wondering why kim has on that awful wig and secondly why is "big papa" anonymous? is it because he doesnt want to be found out by his other chicks or wofe rather that he is supporting this white woman who claims she is a black woman underneath that skin with 2 children with no talent and no job. I mean does she work at all? why the hell did she need an escalade when she had a range rover...i am thrown off!

i will touch on ms sheree later not working, but i had to say something about kim today...cant wait for next week, because my girl nene is unhappy and i am sure a large part of atlanta will know about it!