Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Hills: The Ultimatum

I sort of missed Lauren this episode, but her friends (and ex-friend Heidi) more than made up for her peripheral presence.

Audrina is playing the field and meeting some really nice guys, but it seems her heart is still with Justin Bobby. Isn't that always the way? He ruins a sultry evening with Audrina and proves that he's not just a jerk, but he's an idiot. The two are in the pool nearly naked, and he decides to assert his freedom and remind her that he's free to date other people. Ummm. OK. His timing seemed awkward to me, but I understand little about men, so whatever...

Spencer is a man few people understand. As a matter of fact, Heidi may be the only one to have unlocked that mystery, which may be why he holds on so tightly to his lady love. After weeks of living with Heidi and Holly, Spencer decides to give his girlfriend an ultimatum. Someone's leaving the house, and if it's not Holly, Spencer will oblige.

Of course, Heidi caves and basically kicks her sister out of the house. Where will homeless Holly end up? My guess is she will reach out to Lauren, but we'll see.

What did you think of Spencer's ultimatum? Was it necessary? Was Holly mooching? Do you find Spencer scary possessive of Heidi? Should Audrina make it work with JB or move on with a more attentive dude?

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reggie-neka said...

i have fun watching the show
more frienndsip less drama