Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Making the Band: ... And Then There Were Three

In a flash, the quintet becomes a trio.

When we last saw the girls, Diddy made it clear that he no longer wanted Aubrey in Danity Kane. Viewers were left with a cliffhanger. Would Diddy change his mind?

No. Diddy did not change his mind and on top of that, D-Woods decided to leave the group, too! Later, Diddy admitted that he wouldn't have cut D-Woods from the group, but I think she was taking a stand for her friend. She and Aubrey were obviously the closest pair in the group. That might not have been the best decision on her part. However, I'm thinking D-Woods will be working towards a solo career soon.

So, where does that leave Aubrey and the rest of the girls? Shook! During the live finale show, Aundrea, Shannon and Dawn were visibly distressed. Maybe they should have had some alcohol on stage to calm the nerves. Aubrey seemed her usual self, but since she always seems to be playing to the cameras, I'm not sure her "usual self" is the real deal.

That may be exactly why Diddy eliminated her. He said she was not the girl he selected for the band years ago. Will that girl return? Who knows, but rumors of another season are swirling. So, we shall see.

Do you think Aubrey and D-Woods will return to the band? Do you want them to?

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Nancy said...

I think it's fantabulous that Diddy kicked Ebony and Ivory out of the "band." A trio Danity Kane could work with the proper marketing. You've got a Latina, a sista and a white girl - it's the perfect mix to represent their fan base.