Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Daddy's Girls: Angela and Vanessa on Their Own

Rumor has it that Angela and Vanessa Simmons of "Run's House" fame will be getting their own TV show on MTV!

I won't be tuning in. Honestly, the girls annoy me just a little ... more so Angela than Vanessa. I wonder what the show will chronicle. Will it be about Angela as Editor-in-Chief with no degree, or will it be about Vanessa's cameos on low-rated soaps? Maybe it will be about the girls' shoe line, anchored by Uncle Russell.

I'd rather watch Lauren and Whitney hang clothes and dress models on "The Hills." I can relate more to women struggling in the workforce. We already know Vanessa and Angela can't go wrong with their family name behind them, so what's the point in tuning in?


Nancy said...

I agree that this show would be a waste of time. Their voices alone are annoying. These are the two most spoiled females I have seen on reality TV.

What would the cameras follow, two girls always asking Daddy for money?

tranay said...

I like daddys little girls anybody would like they dad to take care of them so stop hating they aint ask to be born into money they dnt seem like no bitches or nuthin so they coo by me and I like they cuz jessica and they friends they seem cool ass hell and they aint doin nuthing nobody else wouldn't do if it was them