Thursday, October 23, 2008

ANTM: The Cover Girl Challenge

This week, the wannabes tackled an "ANTM" challenge staple ... the dreaded Cover Girl commercial. However, this year the ladies were able to read from a prompt and weren't required to memorize lines. As a result, the spots were much, much better.

Analeigh won the challenge. Tyra said her commercial was the best in the history of the show. Joslyn did not fair so well. She was sent home. Although she was violently ill and sucked it up to complete the challenge, Tyra told her she wasn't getting rewarded for that. So, there are no brown-skinned contestants left. However, Sheena is still representin'. LOL.

Elina also won a challenge, but that didn't keep her from ending up in the bottom two. Next week may be her last chance to prove to the judges that she isn't too controlled or reserved to be what they want her to be. Maybe she should have saved the emotion and tears she shed in the house for the judging.

So, what do you think? Is it really Elina and Marjorie vs. the world? Should Joslyn have gone home? Was Analeigh's commercial really that great? Is it just me, or are those twisty twins a little unsettling?

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