Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Hills: Empty Words

It's no surprise that Spencer seems to feel that a confrontation between Stephanie's new beau and Brody is warranted. Drama queen Spencer isn't happy unless he has some reason to belittle his sister and cause cattiness. Constantly reminding her about Brody's not-so-chivalrous behavior seems to give Spencer some sort of perverted pleasure, and of course, if he can ruin LC and Brody's evening, that's a cherry on top for Spencer.

Much to Spencer's disappointment, I'm sure, the two fellas did not so much as speak to one another. However, for Stephanie's new fella this may mean it's over before it starts. Her brother has her convinced that any decent fellow would have challenged Brody to a duel and avenged Stephanie for something that happened weeks earlier. He did say that he would confront Brody, and I think that's where he messed up. It's not a big deal that he didn't say anything to Brody. That was the mature move, but he seems like he punked out by not doing what he said he would. Will she break up with the new guy? Probably.

While Stephanie contemplates breaking up, it seems Audrina and JB may be making things official. Was his "I want to be with you" some sort of commitment? Can he stick to it? Can he treat Audrina the way she deserves? I won't be negative. We'll just have to wait and see. Hopefully, he can back up his words better than Stephanie's boyfriend.

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