Thursday, October 2, 2008

Real Chance of Love

If nothing else, you've GOT to give VH1 props for dripping every last drop out of a TV franchise that they possibly can. I'm almost impressed.
First there was just "Surreal Life," then "Strange Love," then "Flavor of Love," and the list goes on and on. The newest spin-off will star none other than Chance and Real of "I Love New York" and "I Love Money" fame. They'll get their chance for love and date 15 beauties.
LOL. Just the idea of more of the "Stallionaires" tickles me. Will I tune in? I'm ashamed to say I will. Who could miss it? Maybe Real will propose again. I'm sure he still has the ring he offered to Hoopz. I wish him better luck this time, and I hope Chance ... well, there's no hope for him, which makes him sooo funny. LOL. Who are these chicks that want to date these dudes? I've gotta watch.
Will you?


Orgen Nabru Lafwalnu said...

I thought the ladies loved Chance (despite his obvious homosexual posturing and overall characteristics). Real will get the ladies lending sympathy since he got dissed by Hoopz. Most of all I want to see the black equivalent of Brandi C and Rodeo and the rest of those white trash chicks!!

Nancy J. said...

It's so tempting, but I refuse to watch this show. How much more is VH1 going to spin off all of these spin-offs?