Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Heroes: Villains All Around

Which heroes are good? Which are bad? The line is becoming more and more blurred from week to week. The long list of murderous heroes is growing. Even Claire attempted to pull the trigger on Vortex Man, but she didn't have the heart.

Claire did have the heart to stand up to her father, who tried to force a man to kill Sylar. Instead, Vortex Man sacrificed himself. However, the whole troublesome event forced Claire to see her father in a different light. Will Noah ever see the humanity of those people with powers? Sylar suggests not.

Poor Mohinder. I'm not sure what he's turning into, but it conjures images of "The Fly," and I think we're finally rid of Maya ... thank goodness.

I know Hiro has the power to go back in time, so maybe that's why he failed to give a second thought before killing his BFF Ando. Will Hiro go back and undo what he did? He has to. Right?

What do you think? Will Hiro and Ando be reunited, and if so, will they be friends? What the heck is going on with Mohinder? Where has Papa Patrelli been all this time? Will Nathan turn to the dark side now that he knows his powers are divine? Will everyone from "The Wire" be making appearances this season?

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