Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I Want to Work For Diddy: Susie and Mike Win!

As the episode previews suggested, Poprah was eliminated from the show! I actually thought she might win, but maybe that saying about karma is true. The same attitude that irked her teammates, rubbed Diddy the wrong way, and he sent her packing. Funny.

Any chick that brings a jack-in-the-box to an executive meeting is not ready to work for Diddy. I think everyone realized Stephanie wasn't going to become Diddy's assistant. She was too laid back, and the fact that she tried to latch on to Boris a few weeks ago, was a red flag indeed.

The real competition was between Susie and Mike. So, Diddy's first choice was Susie. He said she was a combo of executive class and hustle. Diddy could see Mike's potential, but said he needed a bit more polishing.

In the end, Diddy chose both candidates. I wasn't a huge fan of either, but together they might get the job done.


BMU Scotty said...

Suzi,you are the most famous person I know(and richest)
I'm(We're)so proud of you.
Shout out to the Bronx,your brother and ALL of your cousins from Pelham Parkway.Diddy made the right choice.
I would love to see you again.

BMU Scotty said...

I still haven't heard from susie.Maybe she was the wrong person for the job and I got suckered like the 43% shmucks who are backing McCan't/Palintology.
Maybe Diddy is regretting his choice already.(he will shortly,I'm sure)
I bet out of all the people on the show,Oh,Susanna! has the least amount of fans...AND SHE WON!!!
It's true what Paul and Lori said.You have became the outcast of the family and find no time for ANYONE!!! Sorry,but that's sad.I still don't wish you the worse.You already have it...Fame ,Fortune and a BIG HEAD!!!