Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I Want to Work for Diddy: Poprah Fired?!

Did Poprah get herself eliminated!? That was by far the most entertaining hour of Diddy I've seen since Fred and Ness went at it back in the 1st season of "MTB!"

So, the final four are tasked with organizing a party for a new Bad Boy artist. They're a mess. They're obviously nervous, anxious and I had butterflies in my stomach just watching them. Poprah and Mike had a small advantage over the other two just because Diddy remembered their names. That wasn't much to go on.

Anyway, Poprah's one task was to finalize the guest list for the event. Oh, and she also had to walk Diddy's dog. LOL. The others went running with him, so Poprah got off a little easy there. Anyway, hours later when Diddy requests the final list ... again, Poprah still doesn't have it, and instead of answering his yes-or-no question, she gets a bit of an attitude -- despite her calling him "sir," and he lets her know, "You're not ready to work for Diddy."

Of course, that's when the episode ends. Good ol' cliffhangers ... gotta love 'em. LOL.

So, do you think Poprah's really gone for good? It seems hard to believe. Honestly, she seems like the most qualified of the group. That's not saying too much for Mike, Susan and "What's your name?"

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