Thursday, October 9, 2008

ANTM: Awkward Girl Wins Awkward Challenge

On the latest episode, the ladies were taught about signature poses. It seemed like an awkward concept, since models have to have several different poses in their repertoire. However, Marjorie seemed to grasp the idea better than most, and she won the first challenge. She was also called first at elimination, and her "urinating" picture was one of the best. She makes her awkwardness work for her. Kudos!

Lauren Brie was eliminated. There's not much to say. She wasn't doing a great job, and she was cut. Sheena, who has been added to the Model Portfolio on the CW site, was in the bottom two this week. She's caught somewhere between trying not to look "hoochie" but still letting loose. We know the judges can't stand reserved or controlled (as Elina can attest to). So, will their advise backfire for Sheena? We shall see.

McKey seems to be wow-ing the judges, and they also liked Joslyn's photo this week; although, I think her week one photo was her best, but who asked me?

What do you think? Should Lauren Brie or Sheena have been sent home? Will Sheena be able to tone down the sexy? Will Marjorie's awkwardness take her to the top? What was up with Little Black Riding Hood?

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