Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Heroes: Peter Sucks at Saving the World

OK. So, this wasn't the best episode to try to watch while cleaning my room. I blame myself. I know better. You must be fully focused on a "Heroes" episode. I'm no novice. I'm aware of this.

Anyway, half way through the show I really wasn't sure if I was watching the present or the future. Parkman seemed to be in the future, but he wasn't. He was dreaming. The Peters were in the future, and then one Peter was with present Sylar after killing future Gabrielle and future Nathan. There was no present Claire, but there was a Tracy flying through the air, and I'm not sure if she was present, future or past participle, but either way, her new powers are eons better than Jessica/Nikki's powers.

What I did catch was that the Peters are doing a terrible job trying to save the world. If anything, they're accelerating the planet's inevitable demise. Why Peter thought having Sylar's power would be an asset, I don't know, but Sylar did warn him that a hunger comes along with his ability, and Peter might be one of the villains this season. Who would've thunk it?

How will Parkman end up with the Speed chick? Why does "evil" Claire have dark hair? Aren't we tired of this imagery yet? Why is future Mohinder so scary? Who was the mother of Gabrielle/Sylar's son? Are Tracy and Nathan going to break up his marriage? Is there anyone on the show who doesn't paint the future?

Hey. I guess I paid more attention than I thought.

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