Monday, October 6, 2008

I Love Money Finale: Anti-Climactic

Ok. So, Hoopz won the $250K, and everyone's happy for her, including White Boy, who was ahead of her during most of their finale race, but couldn't remember the order in which the other contestants had been eliminated. So, basically their memories decided the ultimate winner.

It was about half way into their race that I realized I really didn't care who won. I think it would have been a more dramatic finale if Megan hadn't quit before the jury had a chance to tear into her. I totally get it, though. Why have people stand in front of you and call you names and possibly even spit on you and then kick you off the show? Megan took her fate into her own hands and did without the snake/rat "Survivor" moment.

BTW, did I miss her or was Brandi C. mysteriously absent from the Jury? Mmmm.

There's a reunion show next week that's sure to make up for the drama we missed this time around.

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