Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Making the Band: Is Aubrey Out?

Did you see that coming?

Diddy sat down with the ladies of Danity Kane to discuss the future of the band. I didn't notice the tension within the group, but I did notice that Aubrey was hanging out more with D-Woods than Aundrea, who was once her BFF.

Anyway, after the girls talked about rumors, mistrust and insecurities, Diddy told them that he was ready to kick Aubrey out of the group. He said, "There will be a Danity Kane," but will it include Aubrey? That is the question.

Aubrey does seem to be marching to her own beat a lot of the times. Like when the ladies went horseback riding, she was the only one trying to be fabulous (and failing, in my opinion).

What do you think? Is Aubrey extra? Will she be let go? Will any other girls roll out with her? If she goes, should the group still be called Danity Kane? Will Diddy make her a solo artist?

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Nancy J. said...

Aubrey was the only one to bring up the possibility of Dawn becoming a solo artist on Bad Boy. How dare she do that?

Aubrey has been a solo star since the day she was introduced to the world via Making the Band. Remember the dem mother? Aubrey was the only one to stand up to him. Now, Aubrey is always giving her unwanted opinion on things when others know when to just listen.

I am so over Aubrey and her "boldness." Sometimes, you just need to learn to listen and shut up.

Shut up Aubrey!