Monday, August 17, 2009

Tiny & Toya: The Sisters Next Door?

I doubt there are many people out there who feel BET's bad rap is unjustified. I don't know many people who are faithful fans of the network. Why? One reason is that we seldom see reflections of ourselves in the programming.

However, as much as I hate to admit it, I can relate to "Tiny & Toya." I'm not a single mom. I don't wear weaves or need subtitles when I speak (unless English is not your first language), but these two women seem genuine. They seem like two women who are simply trying to better themselves. Toya is an aspiring author, and Tiny wants to return to the music business. Viewers get to see their professional and personal struggles. If you can get passed the accents, it's a decent show; I think.

Although I watch both shows, I'd have to say that "Tiny & Toya" offers a better depiction of black women than the popular "Housewives of Atlanta." So far, no one on "Tiny & Toya" has cursed anyone out. No one's been accused of sex with married men. No one's gotten physically aggressive, and there seems to be no hateration.

Honestly, it's kind of nice to see the "Tiny & Toya" type of sisterhood on TV. I can actually relate to that; although, subtitles would help.

Do you watch? What do you think of the show?

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Starmaker: Not Just Another Diddy Reality Show

MTV premiered a new reality show last tonight. Just like "Making the Band," "Making His Band" and "I Want to Work for Diddy," this show is executive produced by none other than ...

...wait for it ... Diddy!

I was surprised today when a friend told me that Diddy is planning to release an album soon. It's shocking that he'd have time between popping up all over MTV's primetime lineup.

I was also surprised that the show was kinda good. After so many reality show singing competitions, I wasn't expecting anything new, but Diddy's group of wannabes can actually sing. They were entertaining, and no one was up their performing for the sole purpose of being the morning's funniest clip on YouTube. Even those that got negative feedback from the judges were 100 times better than the worst of "American Idol."

Now, will Diddy find someone to turn into a star? After his "Making the Band" failures, I doubt it, but like those other shows, it's entertaining for now, and that's really all that matters from the viewers' standpoint.

Find out more about the show here.

ANTM: The Cycle Continues

A new crop of wannabe models make their way to reality TV history Sept. 9 when "America's Next Top Model" returns. The show is stale but reliable. You know the formula. You know what to expect, but it's still entertaining at times ... like that relative who doesn't know when to turn down that last drink. It's so expected, you're not at all phased, but you still watch and even get a sick sense of comfort in the familiar.

Tyra tried to mix things up this season by featuring hopefuls who are shorter than the average model. I'll give her props for that. I've often wondered why models are required to be so tall. Most folks aren't model height, and it seems designers should produce for the masses. No?

I doubt whether this "twist" will add anything new to the show, but I'll tune in to find out. I wonder if other "demographic" seasons are in the works. Maybe there could be a full figured season, or big boob season ... the possibilities or endless.
What type of seasons would you like to see? More short girls, too tall girls, big butt girls, or guys?

'Curb' Returns!: Be Very Afraid

There aren't too many shows left on TV that are unpredictable and original, especially when it comes to sitcoms, but as usual, HBO delivers on originality (even when the concepts are ill advised, ex: "K Street" ... snooze).

Luckily, "Curb Your Enthusiasm," returning is September is both original and a good idea. Larry David is cluelessly self sabotaging like Dick on "Newhart," but he's got the stinging wit of Dorthy from the "Golden Girls."

Obviously, Larry David, the show's star, is a funny guy. He's co-creator of "Seinfeld." Although, you can see similarities, it's clear that David's sense of humor is darker, drier and more biting than his broadcast network counterpart, Jerry.

He's crazy evil, and I love it. LOL. For those of us who appreciate dry, evil humor, the show's a Heaven sent. It's nice to know there's someone out there who thinks worse thoughts than I do. LOL.

I can't wait to see what the unapologetically sarcastic David gets himself into this season. He can't help but be bluntly honest, but even when he's biting his tongue and trying to abide by the rules of society, he still ends up making a butt out himself.

See it for yourself in September.

Monday, July 20, 2009

T.O. Brings His Game to VH1

The "Terrell Owens" show premieres on VH1 tonight. From the extended trailer, it's a little hard to determine exactly what the show's about. T.O., the man the NFL couldn't tame, moves to L.A., and I guess he's trying to get his life together. He's romantically pursuing an ex, and he's got two black women offering him advice. I'm gonna tune in to watch, but skeptically.

If nothing else, the show should be good for a few shots of a shirtless man who puts other VH1 reality stars, Chance, Real, Flavor Flav and even R.J., to shame! A friend of mine plans to watch strictly for the eye candy. LOL.

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Will you watch?

Monday, June 1, 2009

10 Reasons Sandhurst Should Win

The finale of season two of "Make Me a Supermodel" airs this week.

The second season was leaps and bounds better than season one. There was a more interesting and diverse group of wannabes, who were all pretty likable. The challenges were more ... challenging. I, for one, tended to agree with the judges more times than not, which is always good. You hate to see your favorites booted off early, especially for a bogus reason like, "you're too sexy." (That's Tyra's favorite ignorant reason to kick aspiring models off her show, but I digress.)

Another reason season two prevails is because of Sandhurst. How could viewers not love this guy? In addition to just being fine, he's funny and smart and will hopefully take the title this season.

Below are my 10 reasons Sandhurst should win:

1) His chiseled, sculptured body.

2) His chiseled, sculptured body. (worth repeating)

3) His sense of humor.

4) His compassion.

5) His humility.

6) His accent.

7) His debunking the stereotype that all male ballet dancers are gay.

8) His easygoing personality.

9) His ability to take instruction and improve.

10) His raw talent as a model, particularly on the catwalk.

Do the other two have all these qualities? I'll admit Jonathan seems pretty cool, but does he have that magnetic personality that Sandhurst has? I'll let you think about it. No. Branden might be cool, but that "e" in his name is enough for me to hold a grudge.

So, that leave Sandhurst. Will he be made into a supermodel? I hope so. What do you think?

The Hills: An End of an Era

"The Hills" as we know it is over. I'm going to miss Lauren. Out of the "Laguna" crew, she was definitely the most lovable -- obviously. Now, she's gone, and we're left with Audrina, Stephanie, Brody, the Pratts and Kristin.

I can understand why MTV decided to bring Kristin back. It continues the whole "Laguna Beach" tie in, and she just may be controversial and nostalgic enough to hold the attention of "The Hills" and "Laguna" fans.

I, for one, am skeptical. Lauren was mature, and you sort of rooted for her 'cause she often made sense, was rational and tried to avoid drama; although, it followed her. In contrast, Kristin will more than likely bring the drama and will irritate viewers. Maybe I'm just speaking for myself.

Regardless, I will give he show a chance this fall. I have a feeling Kristin will irk my nerves, but maybe she's changed since her "Laguna" days; although, the previews don't support that.

What do you think about Lauren's departure, Kirstin's return and the Pratts?