Monday, September 15, 2008

I Love Money: Funniest Proposal Ever!

Wow. So, somehow Real figures he and Hoopz have such a strong bond that he should propose to her. He gets a ring. Gets down on one knee and pops the question to a very surprised and unsuspecting Hoopz, who finds it all laughable.

Men, here's a clue. If she doesn't jump outta her skin and jump into your arms with tears of joy running down her face after you've popped the question, she ain't feelin' you. So, Hoopz doesn't give Real an answer. He gives her until the end of the day to give him an answer, and hopefully he can save face. When Hoopz tells White Boy that Real proposed, all he can do is laugh. I was right with him.

So, Brandi ends up going home. It was a tearful good-bye, but her act may be the thing that gets Pumkin and Toastee off the show next. Yeah, it's about time they bid farewell.

I'm not sure who will win. I initially thought White Boy was a shoe-in, but I'm not so sure anymore. If Real can propose to Hoopz, then anything is possible.

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