Tuesday, September 23, 2008

ANTM: Makeover Episode!

The makeover episodes of "America's Next Top Model" are usually the most entertaining by far. It promises lots of tears and overreactions and usually more than a little bit of attitude. However, Tyra has found that if she doesn't tell the ladies what type of makeover they're getting, the transition is easier. So, we only had a few tears this time around, and Elina was the main culprit. She sees herself and really dark and serious. So, the Carrot Top makeover she received was funny indeed. The judges rewarded her by calling her name first during the eliminations.

It was Brittany who was sent home for being too pretty. Go figure. They say she wasn't model material, and from the way they talk, Isis might be next. Is it me, or do the minority chicks have targets on their backs?

I would have preferred for Tyra and the Jays to go home after their little Cinderella skit. I know the show is repetitive, but "Star Trek" and Disney themes aren't going to increase interest. It only leaves viewers perplexed and annoyed. Stop it.

Did you watch? What did you think? Should Brittany have gone home? Should Isis be next? Whose makeover was the worst, besides Elina's? LOL.

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