Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Heroes: A Thirst for Revenge

OK. So, cheerleader Claire is out for blood. That doesn't even sound right. LOL. She's pissed that uncle Sylar opened up her brain and poked around. I'd probably be upset about that, too, but unlike Claire, I would not be able to exact revenge. So, she's the rogue teenager now having escaped from two moms. When will she catch up with her four-eyed dad and his new partner? That is the question.

Speaking of Sylar, it was almost scarier seeing him as a nice guy than it's been seeing him play the villain. He did save Noah, but he killed a guy with a really loud voice. I think we're in for more spooky kindness from Sylar next week.

Are Nikki and Jessica really gone? I'm confused. Where did Peter take Peter? What's the deal with Parkman? Does anybody care? Will Hero's mistrust of Ando actually bring about the betrayal Hero witnessed in the future? I'm thinking so. What do you think?

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