Monday, September 15, 2008

I Want to Work for Diddy: Party Pooper

Red, a party promoter, was eliminated after throwing a whack party. That makes perfect sense to me. He forgot to pick up the DJ. He couldn't come up with a theme, and where were the bartenders and waitresses?

I'm sure Poprah feels vindicated. She joined the Boris/Michael/Kendra team, and they won. Plus, the three seemed to have little problems with Poprah's personality. So, was she really the apple spoiling the bunch earlier in the season, or were her teammates really just hatin' on her?

Either way, I have the feeling the teams will be eliminated soon, and everybody will be looking out for self. I hate to admit it, but out of the remaining players, Poprah might really be the best choice. I'm hoping Mike can step it up, though, and take it all.

What do you think? Should Red have been sent home? Was Poprah toning it down for her new team, or has she just been misunderstood? Who's the best candidate? How do you mess up lemonade and vodka?

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