Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Hills: BFFs

Audrina and Lauren made up! That warmed my heart. After weeks of awkwardness, the two girls finally buried the hatchet. I was worried after the Vegas trip where neither girl bothered to speak. The whole situation was weird, since there didn't seem to be any obvious reason why the girls stopped talking. Yes, we know Lo was a factor, but just because Lo and Audrina had troubles didn't mean Lauren and Audrina had to. So, I'm glad they're back on track. It will be interesting to see how Lo and Justin Bobby respond. JB's no friend to Lauren.

Spencer's too much for me. I think his main problem with Heidi's sister is that she was in the living room, and that's where he keeps his video games. Heidi gave him some sound advice. "Maybe you shouldn't be in the house so much." That's code for : Get a life!

What do you think? Will Audrina and Lauren be able to stay friends, or will drama strain the friendship again? How big a jerk is Spencer? Will Heidi's sister 'cause Spencer to move out? We should be so lucky. LOL.

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