Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Hills: The Problem With the Pratts

What the heck is wrong with Spencer? He's a bit more welcoming to Heidi's mother than he was to her sister, but he still has that plastered on I-really-wish-you-weren't-here smile on his face. It turns out that Heidi's mom didn't even know her daughter had reconciled with Spencer. So mom decides it's a good idea to have a one-on-one lunch with Spencer. Why anyone would want to do that to themselves is beyond me.

In the end, Heidi's mom is so bothered by Spencer and his "control" over Heidi that she breaks down into tears. If that doesn't nudge you, what will?

Speaking of Pratts, Stephanie learned a harsh lesson. She went behind LC's back to date Doug, who threw her under the bus the first chance he got. I haven't seen such betrayal since ... last week! So, she ends up in tears, and LC supports her as much as she can without thinking, "That's what you get."

Will these two be able to salvage a friendship? Is Doug in the wrong, or is he excused because he's a guy? Will Heidi's mom's reaction to Spencer open her eyes? What do you think?

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Nancy J. said...

I keep up with 'The Hills' cast in gossip and current event mags like US Weekly, and it looks like Heidi's mother didn't have an impact on her. There are paparazzo images of Speidi all over the place. Heidi is the definition of "Gone Hollywood."

I believe she is going to be with Spencer until the end of the run of 'The Hills.' She has to be staying with him to bring drama to the show (and to continue to rep the fame and the checks for her appearances).

I want to give her the benefit of the doubt; she can't be that dumb to think that she has years ahead of her in a relationship with Spencer.