Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Hills: Is a Reconciliation Coming?

So, Heidi's sister, Holly reaches out to Lauren and the two have lunch. Lauren is understandably apprehensive. She knows what happens to the siblings of Speidi when they befriend her, but she reluctantly agrees to remain in contact with Holly, despite her continuing feud with Heidi.

Holly and Heidi seem to think a reconciliation will follow. I doubt it. Although, Lauren made up with Audrina, I'm doubting whether the slate with Heidi will be wiped clean any time soon, especially as long as Spencer is on the sidelines manipulating his gal pal.

Next week, it looks like Lauren's time away gives Stephanie the opportunity to prove Brody right. Is she going to betray Lauren? If so, I can't take it. I hated it when Jen Bunny and Heidi kicked her to the curb for some dudes. I don't think I can sit through that again. I'll have to fly to L.A. and kick some butt. Yes, it's that serious.

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