Thursday, September 11, 2008

ANTM: The Curse of the Curves

Nikeysha was eliminated on the latest episode of "America's Next Top Model." I think that was a good call. She seemed to be struggling quite a bit. The judges said they'd have to airbrush her to make her look heavier. A lot of women in America would kill for that privilege.

Sheena hasn't been in the bottom two yet, but I can feel it coming. She's the model the judges complain is too sexy. I've never really understood this criticism. Is it that she takes attention away from the clothes? I remember back in Cycle 1 when a girl was ultimately eliminated for the same reason. Go figure. Sheena's relatively curvy, and most people would think it normal if not attractive.

What was apparently abnormal is her chest. I didn't notice, but the judges guessed that her boobs were fake. At first she denied it, but after giving it some thought, she admitted to the judges, her fellow contestants and the viewing public that her breasts are artificial. That takes a lot of guts. The judges rewarded her by keeping her on the show. Will her fake friends be her undoing in the end? Fake boobs don't exactly subtle the sexy.

What do you think? Shouldn't models be sexy? Should women be penalized for being curvy ... even when they're borderline malnourished? Is Tyra a hypocrite for telling women to tone it down!

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