Monday, September 8, 2008

ANTM: Turn It Off, Scotty

There was little new about the two-hour "America's Next Top Model" premiere. The hyper wannabes could hardly contain themselves as they entered the presence of Mr. and Miss Jay and Tyra. They screamed, shrieked and burst a few microphones in the process; I'm sure.

However, the producers did try to do something a little different for this season opener, but it was a classic example of trying too hard. What was up with all that futuristic, Sci-Fi crap? Tyra was trying to do the robot. Judges were disappearing a la special effects, and the models looked about as confused as any aliens would be to see Tyra dressed in tin foil.

I'm not sure what the purpose was, but I found it distracting. Maybe Sharaun found it distracting, too. Despite her repeatedly telling her peers and judges, "I am the Next Top Model," she got the boot. Don't we all know by now that Tyra appreciates modesty.

I was glad the alien thing didn't extend into episode two, or I was going to blast my TV into space to join Tyra's panel. What did you think? Was that cute, or just weird? Did you think Sharaun should have been eliminated? How long 'til the girls confront Isis about her "difference"?

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