Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I Want to Work For Diddy: Double Whammy!

Both Boris and Kendra are eliminated tonight. Mike should have gone, too. I think he's a handsome guy, but for unnecessarily stabbing Kendra in the back, he needs to go home next! What a jerk!

Boris also went home, and I'm sure he was crushed. He expressed his love for Stephanie. She didn't smack him across the face like she normally would because she needs someone in the house to have her back. More than likely, Steph and Mike will pair up now, even though Steph swears she doesn't trust the guy.

Poprah did big things with the challenge. She made up a street game and nearly doubled Diddy's money. She had to split it, but I agree with her that she really shouldn't have had to. She made it happen, and although she still irks me, I do think she's the best candidate for now.

What will Diddy think? What did you think? Was Stephanie tramping it up by snuggling up to Boris to save her behind? They have a word for that. Don't they?

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