Monday, September 8, 2008

Rev. Run: Always Imitated; Never Duplicated

First there was Rev. Run. Then there was Snoop Dogg. Now, Luke and Coolio are in the mix. Go figure.

What makes TV producers think the viewing public wants to see how misogynistic 90s Has Beens raise their children? (Actually, Luke is an 80s Has Been.) I'm not sure, but E! Entertainment's Snoop Dogg's "Fatherhood" was a flop, and I expect the same from Luke and Coolio, two rap artists of whom I was never a big fan.

Plus, Coolio's show is airing on Oxygen. How random is that?

I think "Run's House" is the only of these shows worth airtime. He's a sincere father who's endeared to rap fans because he's Rev. Run! He's respected and watching the show just increases viewers' respect for him. I doubt anyone can say the same for the copycats. It's a formula other cable channels can't copy because Rev. Run is one-of-a-kind. He's a Godfather of rap. So, let Run do his thing and stop with all the fakers.

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