Monday, September 1, 2008

I Want to Work for Diddy: Who Ordered Cupcakes?

No one was eliminated tonight, and that's good for Kendra, but not-so-much for Boris. The two were up for elimination after not tending to Diddy's baby mama, Kim Porter, well enough. Boris was ready to defend himself and impress the judges, but in the process, he threw just about everybody else on his team under the bus.

He betrayed the confidence of one of his team members. He accused another of thinking with the wrong body part, and he told the judges that Kendra wanted to have sexual relations with Diddy. She was so shocked that she could hardly respond at all. However, Boris' attacks proved unnecessary, and instead of impressing the judges, he just turned his team against him. What is that they say about watching who you step on while you're climbin' the ladder to the top?

Did you watch? Do you think Boris went too far, or does the outcome justify the means? How will Laverne do on her new team with Poprah? Will Poprah ever learn to let others take the lead? Who ordered cupcakes?

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