Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I Love Money: Real Gets Real Stupid

Real is an idiot. I'm sorry, but he's trippin'. The boy proposes to a girl he's only known for a month, and then he nearly ruins his alliance because of it.

Apparently, Chance suggests that maybe Real and Hoopz have something going on. Real is so blinded by jealousy, rage and embarrassment, that he plants a seed in Hoopz's head and makes her believe the White Boy has been talking about her. She almost fell for it, but luckily, Hoopz made her own judgment. So, she keeps White Boy and eliminates Toastee and Pumkin. Good choices. (I'm no huge WB fan, but I wouldn't want him to be eliminated off some rumor.)

I'm a little salty at Real, though. He turned on White Boy real quick for no apparently reason. Did he have evidence that White Boy was talking behind Hoopz's back, and even if WB was talking behind her back, that didn't mean he doesn't sincerely like the chick and want to take her to the top with him? Real's head is definitely no longer in the game. It's all about Hoopz, which is weird 'cause I'm relatively certain Real is gay.

What do you think?

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