Monday, September 1, 2008

I Love Money: Full of Spit

A spitting competition? That was the challenge on the latest episode. How gross! Who wants to see grown folks spitting green liquid? That's not what I'd consider "Must See TV," but I did watch. I did it for you ... my loyal fans. LOL.

Anyway, the competition is getting down to the wire. Just about everyone remaining has hopped on the White Boy train. Everyone left wants to be a part of his alliance. I guess we'll have to see how it plays out to find out whether this really makes sense. It seems to me that once everyone outside of the alliance is gone, White Boy will still have the power, and he'll just walk away with the $250k, but it's also possible he'll lose an individual challenge, and someone will finally have the balls to bring him down.

We'll see.

So, did you watch the Spit Olympics (The Greek gods are turning over in their urns)? Would you have sent Heather home? Did she mess up by distancing herself from the Entertainer, or was he just using that as an excuse to betray her? Are Brandi C. and Megan really the puppeteers of this game?

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