Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I Want to Work for Diddy: Good-Bye to Brianna

This episode was offensive to the transgendered and overweight, but Laverne and Boris, members of the Uptown team, won the challenge, so they probably don't care.

It was Brianna who ended up going home. It was her lack of leadership that brought about her elimination. She was the producer for a viral video her team created, but she didn't lead and admittedly, she didn't know what she was doing. So, she was kicked off the show.

However, I think Red should have gone home. I cannot stand his voice, and the way he stumbles over his words would probably irk Diddy as much as it does me. Diddy doesn't seem like the type to have lots of patience. Anyway, the teams meet Diddy next week, and the Downtowners get to steal someone from the Uptown team. Drama! LOL.

Who should have gone home? Was Mike offensive to Laverne? Is Boris really an idiot? Who will Diddy chew out first?

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