Sunday, December 7, 2008

Heroes: Total Eclipse of the Sun, Part 2

So, as we all predicted, the heroes' powers returned once the eclipse ended. Claire healed herself after being split open. This would make the second time she's come alive after such a procedure. Nathan can fly again. Daphne's running once more. Hiro's time traveling, and Sylar is back to splitting skulls. That's bad news for Elle, who became a victim of the monster she helped create.

Unfortunately for Mohinder, the end of the eclipse also brought back his scales. Will viewers be forced to see him turned into the Fly for the remainder of the season? I sure hope not. It's an unnecessary sidebar to the main story line, if you ask me. Why they felt the need to disfigure one of the favorite and most attractive characters on the show, I do not know.

So, where is this season going? I think the heroes are still trying to prevent the synthetic mutation serum. I'm unsure, but maybe that will become clear by the season finale.

What do you think? Where is this all going?

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