Monday, December 15, 2008

The Hills: Spiraling Toward the Spin Off

"The Hills" began with Lauren meeting Whitney. Now, it's time to bid farewell to Whit. She's packing up and moving away from California and away from Lauren. However, it doesn't look like she'll be alone. She's got new friendships to look forward to. One particular dark and handsome fellow steals some smooches with Whit before she quickly heads back to California. Will we be seeing more of him on "The City"? I think so. He has a bit of a Justin Bobby thing going on, but for Whitney's sake, I hope similarities end with the mussed up hair.

In the same old news, Spencer continues to criticize Stephanie's choice in a man. Isn't that ironic? I'm surprised that Stephanie listens to her bone head brother at all. She can't possibly respect his opinion that much. Can she?

What do you think? Is Spencer looking out for his sister's best interest, or just being a jerk? Will Whitney's romance with the New Yorker continue? What will happen to Lauren and "The Hills"?

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