Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Real Housewives of Atlanta: Top Reunion Moments

That was entertainment. I have to admit I'm going to miss Lisa, Sheree, Kim and NeNe. Those ladies gave me a reason to turn on the tube Tuesday nights, and they also made me feel better about my ever-decreasing bank account. If money will turn me into one of them, I'd rather be poor.

There were several great moments from the show, but here are my top five:

1. Kim's Cancer Lie. The woman who smokes a pack of cigarettes/day tearfully admits she had cancer. Then, retracts that statement five minutes later, proving Lisa right. Kim's a liar.

2. NeNe vs. Kim. Where to begin? I think it's safe to say this friendship is officially over. Kim calls NeNe a bitch, and Lisa has to sit on NeNe's lap to keep her from exacting revenge on her ex-friend. Oh, and NeNe reiterates that Kim can't sing. LOL.

3. Lisa vs. Kim. Kim claims that Lisa is the one who first told her about NeNe mocking her singing skills. Lisa denies it, and when Kim persists. Lisa threatens to flip her over the couch. I'd like to see that.

4. Dwight. Anybody strolling out with that fly curly weave has to make the top five. Oh, and his comments on Kim's hair earn him a spot, too.

5. Big Poppa. He didn't make an appearance, but he was mentioned. It turns out he's married, and while Kim thinks he'll leave his wife, NeNe has this advice, "Close your legs to married men." Nice.

So, what were your Top 5 moments of the reunion or the season!? Will there be a season two?

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Nancy said...

All I have to say is that I REALLY hope that there is a second season. These women, all of them, are crazy and so entertaining.