Monday, December 29, 2008

The Hills: Will Heidi and Lauren Be Friends?

The season finale of "The Hills" felt a lot like a series farewell. It had the type of resolution of story lines that was witnessed when the Evans family of "Good Times" finally left the ghetto. However, during the after show, viewers were assured that Lauren and "The Hills" will return.

That's good 'cause I really want to see where Audrina and Justin Bobby are going. He spit out a ring for her and shared some really sweet emotions. It would have been more touching if he were actually able to part his lips. The mumbling sort of ruined it for me, but Audrina lapped it right up. Good for them. What will happen next season? Maybe those two will be the new stars of MTV's "Newlyweds." Where does that leave Speidi?
I'm not sure, but their about-face at the Justice of the Peace means there's more time for Heidi to change her mind. However, it was actually a sweet moment. Spencer realized Heidi was unhappy with her mom's absence from the "ceremony." (Thanks, Stephanie) I hope that was evidence that Spencer will put Heidi first before his own selfish desires. Will she get the big, traditional wedding she's always wanted? I'd say she's one step closer.

So, what's up with Lauren? The season ended with her and Heidi having a civil conversation. There was even a hug, and Lauren said she'd be there for Heidi if Heidi really needed her. Ummm. Wait 'til Spencer gets a load of that! I guess we'll have to wait 'til next season

What did you think of the season? Do you plan to hang in there for another season? If so, which story lines will be bringing you back?

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