Monday, December 15, 2008


MTV is taking a page out of the VH1 Celebreality book, and extending the "Laguna" franchise as far as the universe will allow -- or at least from the West Coast to the East. From "Laguna," came "The Hills." Now, "The Hills" is spinning off "The City," featuring Whitney in NYC, and "Bromance," where Lauren's former crush Brody tries to find a new friend to replace Spencer. I guess it's like Paris' BFF show without all the pink. Nine guys compete for the honor of partying, vacationing and drinking with Brody.

A great after show would be to have Spencer comment on each episode of "Bromance" after it airs. What does Spencer think of his potential replacements? Speaking of which, how far are we from a new "Newlyweds" series featuring Speidi?
Will you watch "Bromance"? Are you glad "Laguna" is living on, or is enough enough already?

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