Monday, December 15, 2008

The Hills: The Buzzed Bride

There have been rumors circulating that Heidi was somehow under the influence when she agreed to a private, impromptu wedding with beau Spencer. On the latest episode of "The Hills," the rumors are confirmed.

If the episode stands up to editing, it looks like Spencer manipulated Heidi by flying her to a romantic island and throwing Patrone shots down her throat. Then, he suggested marriage. She agreed. That's not to suggest that she didn't want to marry him, but most girls don't dream of stumbling down the aisle with a hangover on their wedding day.

On next week's season finale, Heidi's mom reacts. That should be interesting.

Again, I ask. How long will it be before the Speidi spin off? I'm taking bets.

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Lisa said...

that was so hard to read your f'm code. I have been trying for so long.

I just wanted to make a commenet on the time of your movies. your movies on a regular paces are not showing til late at night. Some of the movies are ok for the 15-16 tear olds, so they can learn.....
Is there any specific reason why....
Can you start your movies at 9 per say during the wk & on wkends at 8?