Sunday, December 21, 2008

Stylista's Star

The CW's "Stylista" took a handful of 20-somethings and gave them the opportunity to win a Junior Editor position at Elle Magazine. Surprisingly, few of the candidates had actual journalism experience. You don't see people on "Project Runway" who've never sewed before, but I digress.

Johanna took home the prize and won the position. Although she didn't always shine in the weekly challenges, she did seem to be the most passionate about the job. She also worked hard when some others seemed to be a little more strategic, yet less dedicated about the hustle.

Early on, I liked Ashlie, but she turned me off when she spazzed out about Colonge being eliminated. I never liked Megan; although, her confessionals were among the most entertaining. Katie was dramatic. So, I missed her when she left. I don't think the others warrant mention.

Did you watch? What did you think? Does Tyra have another hit on her hands? Will there be a season two? Can this be considered a spin-off of "The Devil's Wears Prada"? Will I ever be able to view the pages of Elle the same way again?

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