Monday, December 15, 2008

Heroes: Papa Petrelli Dead?!

Sylar's a bad guy again, and although I'm no supporter of evil, I'm glad he's not giving me cavities anymore. Last week, he killed his lover Elle. This week, he killed Papa Petrelli after finding out that he was not the brother of Nathan and Peter. I wonder if he was more upset about not being a Petrelli or about being lied to and used? Either way, it ended badly for the leader of "those with abilities."

Right before his death, Papa Petrelli added the catalyst to Mohinder's formula. Supposedly, this will give regular folks a chance to have powers, and hopefully, it will reverse whatever Mohinder did to himself. When the formula is tried on a former 4400, it works well, and he starts throwing chairs through glass to show his strength.

I wish Hiro could show some of that strength. It was nice to see him reunited with his mother -- if only briefly; however, it was sort of pathetic to see him persuade his mother to give him the catalyst and then lose it not an hour later! He told her he would protect it, but that's not exactly what went down. Hiro ended up hanging off a building from a flag pole. I need for him to get it together. Part of his charm was knowing Hiro was going to become a Jedi master. What happened? When does that kick in?

What do you think? Will Mohinder be cute again? Will Hiro ever get it together? Is Papa Petrelli really dead? Will Sylar ever go good again? Will the formula work this time, or will the heroes need to save the world from the monsters they create?

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