Monday, December 15, 2008

Heroes: Lots of Dead Heroes

The latest episode was deemed the season finale, but the show returns in February. Whether I'll be returning to NBC to watch it, is another issue. Whether there are any heroes left to watch next season, is what we'll explore now.

It seems a lot of heroes took their last bow. Claire lost her biological mother, the fire thrower. The fear feeder, also known as Marlo from "The Wire," was iced to death. Sylar was killed, and a few other rogue "heroes" succumbed to death in various ways. Elle and Arthur Petrelli were murdered last week. So, only the original Petrellis, Hiro, Ando, Mohinder, Tracy, Parkman and Daphne seem to be left? Am I missing anybody. The list is getting shorter.

Yes, Hiro did survive. The last episode had him hanging on a ledge. He pulled himself to safety, but was almost sliced to death by his father. Is it me or is Hiro starting to remind you of Charlie Brown. Whenever he tries to do something, I end up thinking, "Good Grief." Please, help this wayward hero get himself together! I can't take it anymore. I'm expecting a girl dressed in blue to pull a football from him any second now.

The next season's preview promises more darkness. The heroes will be hunted and captures. Oh, joy!

Will you watch, or have you had it with these heroes?

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