Sunday, December 21, 2008

Momma's Boys

NBC's newest reality show, Momma's Boys, is like "The Bachelor" on steroids. Instead of one bachelor, there are three men looking for the right woman. However, unlike "The Bachelor," the men on "MB," have their moms along for the ride to help make that final decision.

The relationship between these grown men and their moms is troublesome, to say the least. Many of them still live at home. One mother admits to calling her son 100 times a day, and he answers each time! Another apparently tells women that her son is gay to keep them away. It'd be an understatement to call the relationships "dysfunctional."

In the premiere, Khalood -- one of the mothers -- offended several women when she boldly announced her preference for a white, petite, Catholic daughter-in-law. She refuses to accept Black, Jewish or full figured women who may be interested in her son. Of course, this caused some tension, and one black girl argued with Khalood about her views. I'm not sure why she cares. Personally, I'd be glad her views were expressed early, and I'd stay clear of her and her son. Who needs 'em?

The first elimination happens in the following episode. It will be interesting to see if the minority women are cut from the show first. We know that's Khalood's preference. Will she learn some tolerance from this experience? Will the fellas defy their mothers, or will the moms maintain total control? Are there any girls on the show who can please both the guy and his mom? Will anyone find happiness? Will there be more arguments? Will you watch?

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