Sunday, December 21, 2008


Lifetime's first reality competition series, "Blush," pitted make-up artists against one another. My favorite contestant, Nolan, won the big prize. I also liked Todd. I'd party with those two any day. Maxi rounded out the final three. He's what you'd call "elaborate" or "extra." His main criticism the entire series was his over-the-top attitude. "Blush" had some of the biggest personalities I've seen on a reality show; however, there was no violence. So, I give them props for keeping it funky minus the fisticuffs. LOL.

Honestly, I'm not a big makeup person. A little lip gloss and eyeliner is my everyday, but I definitely have more respect for face paint now. I wish I knew how to cover blemishes with foundation, and do that whole smokey eye thing. I'm starting to understand why DeShawn of "Housewives of ATL" has her own in-house, make-up artist (but I don't excuse her).

There were women on the show, but the most talented in the group were men. That made me think of "Project Runway." The majority of winners on that show have been men. Why are men so into fashion? Is it because they spend a lot of time staring at women? Is it because they'd secretly like to put the clothes on themselves? Are they fulfilling fantasies? Mmmm?

Either way, the fellas have got lots of talent whether it's doing make up or designing clothes. Let's hear it for the boys.

Did you watch "Blush"? Who was your favorite? Do you have a new appreciation for make up? Will there be a season two? Can someone show me how to do the smokey eye?

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