Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Making the Band: The Return of Laurie Ann

Who knew a new season of "Making the Band" was premiering tonight? It was a surprise to me. The band was selected, and they made an album. That's usually when Diddy goes to find new talent; however, Day 26 and Danity Kane are back with Donnie, too. This time the three acts are going on tour.

That may or may not be worth tuning in.

However, the first episode was pretty good. After last season's falling out between Diddy and Laurie Ann, it was good to see the two make up. She's back, and she can definitely help make the groups move better. Is another blow up in the future? I wouldn't doubt it. Laurie Ann's, "Nothing's changed" comment raised an eyebrow from me and Puffy. Mmmmm.

What do you think? Should Puffy have brought Laurie Ann back for another season? Are there no other choreographers in New York? Should she have apologized?

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Weezy said...

Well, it made for interesting TV, cuz I paid attention. I just happened to be flipping through, saw Laurie Ann, and stopped to see what was happening. I'm glad she's back. I dig a sister who can take on Diddy, and not apologize for it. She stood her ground. I loved that! Go Laurie Ann!