Sunday, August 10, 2008

I Love Money: Pumkin's Major Play

There was a power shift on the latest episode of "I Love Money." Those who'd had the opportunity to break up White Boy's Stallionaire Alliance in the past, were too scared to do it. I don't quite get that because that's the equivalent of forfeiting and handing White Boy the $250,000 prize. Pumkin, realizing she was on the bottom position of the alliance (if in it at all), decided to break up the group. Good for her.

Seriously, she wasn't going to win by working with them. She does have a better chance in another alliance, if she can survive another week. The remaining Stallionaires, minus Chance, are gunning for her now. Hopefully, for her, her new alliance will be strong enough to keep her in the game.

I'm no Pumkin fan, but the fact that White Boy was controlling the entire game and intimidating most of the members of the opposing team was annoying me. So, I'm glad that's over, or is it?

Do you think Pumkin made the right decision? Will she be able to avoid being eliminated next week? What do you think?

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Orgen Nabru Lafwalnu said...

I think Pumpkin is not only a disgusting, ugly example of a woman, but also that she will be no doubt kicked off of the next show. She messed up by kicking Chance off, but either way she was going to end up being kicked off sooner or later.

Oh, did I mention that Pumkin is extremely ugly?