Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Baldwin Hills: Better the Second Time Around

Did you watch this season of "Baldwin Hills"? Compared to last season, the second season was on Emmy Award-winning status. It's good to see a diverse group of young, ethnic Americans getting along and just trying to survive and be good people. Unfortunately, minorities are rarely portrayed so honestly.

One of the most compelling story lines this season followed Justin. A former bad boy, who found God, a daughter and is trying to be the man he thinks he should be. He's already doing better than most, including his father, who was absent from Justin's life due partly to his drug habit.

In the season finale, Justin confronts his father, and it's the kind of reunion I'm sure some fatherless children dream about. His father expressed his love for Justin, embraced him continually, and asked for his forgiveness. There wasn't a dry eye in the house.

If the show returns for a third season, it will be interesting to see if Justin's father stays committed to his role or whether he'll go back to his dead-beat ways.

Did you watch this season? If so, what did you think? Will Staci keep her baby? Will Gerren and Moriah get back together? Who do you want to see return for a third season?

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Anonymous said...


I did watch the last season, mostly on demand, but i thought it was pretty good. I loved the story line on Justin, he is my baby! I am so glad to see him stepping up as a man and his father can take some pointers from him.


I think that Moriah was overexposed, he really doesnt have a stiry line other than his dad was a NBA star, he is a cutie but just nothing exciting goin on with him..the Gerren story is getting old.


Thats my girl but she has made a dumb decision, he man aint shit, but yet she wants to have this baby with him. Good Luck to her and Kevin...I think thats his name.


I think Sal and his new boo are cute together, I hope that he is very successful with his music career that his uncle is hating on!


Just do your modeling thing and disappear honey


She really didnt do too much on the show but agree with everything her little sister said, I am glad she is off to college, maybe she will find her own identity.


This is a bitch if i have ever seen one. She is drama filled and always wants attention from a guy. She will be a senior and I am not sure what she is going to to without her sister Aunjel, that was her little puppet to tell what to do. If another season comes about, I will watch Rena cause she is hilarious with her facial expressions and tactics.


She really didnt do much but lay in the cut, I thought her and Jus was gonna hook up, but I guess that wasnt meant to be.

He is a very sweet guy, corny, but sweet. I enjoyed the episode where he received his grandfathers watch from his family...very touching. I wish him the best in his football career in college!


Really no story line, I wish her the best at Spelman...lookin like Rudy!