Monday, August 18, 2008

I Love Money: Rump-Kissing Rodeo

Honestly. How bad did Rodeo play herself? After throwing the challenge and causing her team to lose, Rodeo realized she'd likely be eliminated. So when she, Hoopz and Toastee -- the three elimination nominees -- spent time with Heather, who was making the final elimination decision, Rodeo kissed Heather's behind. She shed tears. Cried and talked to Heather's dog. Poured Heather's drink, and made a fool of herself.

The worst part is that after all that Rodeo was eliminated anyway. It was an ugly display.

Lucky for Pumkin, Heather kept her promise to the Secret Alliance. Although, the remaining Stallionaires were gunning for Pumkin there was nothing they could do to kick her off the show. White Boy thought he had Heather in his pocket. His influence over her kept Hoopz on the show, but in the end, she decided who she wanted to go home.

So now, the teams are done. For the rest of the season, the contestants are all for self. Hasn't it pretty much been that way from the beginning? It will be interesting to see how fast alliances break up, and which folks turn on their so-called friends. I predict more backstabbing. What do you think?

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