Monday, August 18, 2008

I Want to Work for Diddy: Au Revoir, Deon

It was "The Apprentice" with a touch of "The Amazing Race." Two people from each team were sent to Paris to find models that Diddy wanted to use for an eye wear ad. Boris was the obvious slacker. All he did was flirt, but in the end Deon was sent home because he couldn't admit that he was wrong. The judges obviously didn't like the ad the losing team put together, but Deon refused to acknowledge his errors in judgment. Nobody likes that.

Also, Deon just seemed like a punk. He let his teammates walk all over him. They dissed every idea that came out of his mouth, and he just shrugged his shoulders. Something tells me Diddy's assistant will need to be a bit more outspoken. Deon did try to speak up for himself at the elimination, but all he did was dig a deeper hole for himself by admitting that he had advertising experience ... with billboards! So, he didn't know when to speak up, or when to shut up. So Au Revoir.

I think Boris and Deon should have both been eliminated. They were both useless. What do you think? Was a double-elimination necessary? Should Deon have been sent home, or should Boris have gone home to save future models from his lame flirting?

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