Monday, August 18, 2008

The Hills: A Low Opinion of Lo

It's cold in L.A. What is up with Lo? I used to really like her, but her attitude toward Audrina stinks. During Audrina's party, she didn't even mingle with Audrina's friends. She played with the dog for an hour while guests partied at the pool. Huh? Whack.

I'll give Lo credit for attempting to talk to Audrina the following day; however, Lo's tone was accusatory, and Audrina is obviously done trying to be friends with Lo.

So, where will that leave Lauren and Audrina? I want them to remain friends, and I'd hate for Lo to ruin that. Lo really needs to take a look at her attitude and adjust.

A friend said she hoped this season had a little less drama. If episode one was any indication, she's straight outta luck. LOL.

What do you think? Will this season be drama-filled? Will Lauren end up having to choose between Audrina and Lo? Will Heidi and Spencer make it work this time around? BTW, what do you think of Heidi's sister Holly? Do you like Doug, or is it too soon to tell?

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